How to sew a cherry blossom wallet from felt cloth

How to sew a cherry blossom wallet from felt cloth
With the following basic guidelines, you will learn how to sew a hand wallet from felt cloth. This will be a wonderful gift for your mother.

How to sew a cherry blossom wallet from felt cloth

To stitch a cherry blossom wallet, you need to prepare:

– Felt cloth with dark gray, light gray, light blue, white and brown.
– Small red and white beads
– Buttons
– Tools: scissors, needles and thread


-Step 1

First, cut the dark gray and blue felt cloth as body of the wallet and body pads.
Cut the white felt cloth into 6 cherry blossoms with five petals (cut flowers with different sizes to create beautiful layout), then cut the brown cloth to make the branches of flowers.

How to sew a cherry blossom wallet from felt cloth 1

-Step 2

Use brown thread to sew the branch of flowers on the left corner of the dark grey body of wallet. Put white flowers on stems and use pins to fix them.
Sew eight short red lines divided equally between the flowers, and each end of the sewing thread must have small red beads as pistils. Then sew three white beads in the center of the flowers.

How to sew a cherry blossom wallet from felt cloth 2

-Step 3

Similarly, stitch pistils for other flowers. Sew 4 flowers on the branch of flowers on the left corner of the body of wallet and 2 flowers on the lid of wallet. You can decorate flowers according to different layouts you like.
Superimpose fitly the dark gray cloth with the front blue pad of the body and stitch to fix them. Also, superimpose the light gray cloth of the body with the back pads of the body and stitch thread lines to fix them.

How to sew a cherry blossom wallet from felt cloth 3

-Step 4

Next, press two blue linings of the front and back of the body together so that the curves in two body parts fit each other, use pins or sew a thread line to fix. Use the button sewing stitches to stitch border of the front and back bodies of wallet.
Sew the mouth and the lid of wallet with button stitches too. Finally, add buttons to the wallet.

How to sew a cherry blossom wallet from felt cloth 4

 Finished product:

Only 4 steps, you will have a cherry blossom wallet for your small items. You can decorate with different kinds of flowers and fabrics according to your preference. Or you can also give it to your mother on birthday or other special days.
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Making stamped alphabet pillows from towels

Making handmade pillow is very easy and has a lot of people make them. However, you seem to just make plain pillows, or decorated with fabric flowers. Here are some simple steps for you to make a cute pillow to give your parents.

To make a pillow you need to prepare:

– Towels
– Scissors
– Needle and clew
– Printed letters

-Step 1:

First, cut off a part of the towel to lose border and then overlap it on the other.

-Step 2

Then use needles, sew closely to the border you’ve just cut, you can sew the lock or buttons on this. Next, you stitch up two the other end of the scarf together.

-Step 3

After the stitching is done, you have to overturn the pillowcase

-Step 4

Next, put the letters on the surface of the pillow.

Then iron the letters so that they can stick to the face of pillow.

-Step 5

After ironing, you peel off the plastic parts on the letters from the pillowcase. And now just stuff cottons and you have completed your lovely pillow.

Finished Product

Make stamped alphabet pillow is very simple and fun. Just a towel and a little dexterity without sewing machine, you can make a unique handmade pillow impressively. With this, you can use a variety of towels with different colors to make a pillow beautifully.

You can do this pillow for your beloved. Certainly, your parents or boyfriend will be very happy to receive the pillow with the words “I LOVE YOU from you.

Guides make paper flowers Narcissus

Are you looking for an idea to make paper flowers? So try to make narcissus, which bring luck. Certainly, the following steps will help you make narcissus to decorate your house.
Narcissus is a symbol of exquisite and brings luck to you. They have smooth leaves and beautiful white flowers. So to have a narcissus vase in the house, you can learn how to make paper narcissus as below.


– 1 small steel wire with 20-25 cm long
– Two A4 crepe paper with white and green
– Plier, scissors, glue
– 2 pieces of square crepe paper with orange or red color


-Step 1

First, you need to handle the details of the flower pattern. Print and cut out the details of the flower like the following patterns. You can save and print the patterns of flowers according to the desired size.

-Step 2

Cut out leaves and petals on crepe paper. To make the pistil, paste the two sides of the square together to form a circle. Use your thumb and index finger to slightly fold the edges of pistil to form wavy lines. Gently curl the petals with scissors and just slightly bent. Because crepe paper has a good elasticity, use your hand to pull the two sides to create flexure of the petals. Then tie a small wire around the base of the pistil and straighten the wire down. Start paste petals around the pistil.

-Step 3

Continue pasting the petals until it close the pistil. Expand the pistil by rotating the index finger inside. Attach the small wire to the end of the flowers, add glue to securely fix. Then you cut a piece of green crepe paper that has approximately 5-7 cm long and wrap around the wire. If you want to add the leaves, just paste it into the desired places and continue to roll the crepe paper around the body. After that, cut off all the excess paper and glue. To add color to the pistil, you roll up the piece of orange or red paper, dip it in water and put on the pistil. It will work like watercolor.

Finished product make paper flowers Narcissus

Just a little meticulousness, you will have a lovely vase of narcissus. As noted above, the narcissus flower symbolizes luck, so you can leave them at the desk with the desire to bring good luck all year for your work, or leave them on the coffee table to decorate your house.
Because it is made from paper, the narcissus flower is also very easy to “care”, you only need to use a small fan to blow the dust on of the flower and you will have a beautiful narcissus vase.

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Best Handmade Bracelets For Women

Best Handmade Bracelets For Women

Best Handmade Bracelets For Women

A wallet is carried by women everywhere. It serves as an important item which almost all women can’t forget to bring with whether they are going out to do some shopping or travelling on a long trip. Not only does it allow you to keep your money but you can also store cellphones, cards, driving licenses or even medicine, make-up and keys. Indeed, having a wallet is very essential in daily circumstances.
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If you are looking for a wallet to replace your old one or something more stylish, this collection is of great help. This consists of a variety of the best handmade leather wallets for women. In aid of this collection, choosing a good wallet is not way too difficult. All the wallets below are carefully selected, promising to introduce to you incredible using experience.

Best IPhone 6 Plus Handmade Cases

Best IPhone 6 Plus Handmade Cases
Best IPhone 6 Plus Handmade Cases
When you have the Iphone 6 plus in your hand the first time, what do you think? Do you think what you should do to make it always new, stylish.Everyone always wants to become special in the crowd and if your iphone is just like many others that may not satisfy you. Our collection can do that both. It can protect your Iphone and makes your Iphone become outstanding. Having an Iphone in your hand is very cool and it will be cooler if your Iphone have its own case. Our Best and stylish iPhone 6 Plus handmade cases is very special because all of them are well handmade.

Best And Beautiful Handmade Christmas Cards

Best And Beautiful Handmade Christmas Cards

Best And Beautiful Handmade Christmas Cards
Christmas is the last time in a year that you can express your feelings to the people you love. But many Christmas times ago you maybe feel so bored with normal Christmas gift, and this time you want to give them special Christmas gifts to make them surprise. Understanding your desire, we would like to introduce you a very special type Christmas gift: Best and beautiful Handmade Christmas card.
Everyone loves handmade gifts. They do not be produced in large by machine so that everyone can buy; they are made carefully by hands of handicraftsman just few people can have that gifts. Or even in some cases, the receivers may think that you made those beautiful handmade cards, they even love those cards more. In those cards you can write everything to express your love that you never have a chance to say or you are too shy to say.

1.24 Handmade Christmas Cards with Coordinating Envelopes

01-24 Handmade Christmas Cards with Coordinating Envelopes
There are 24 handmade Christmas cards inside the box with 24 different designs. All the design is creative, unique and beautiful. Multi dimension 3D effects make the cards become more wonderful. Each was wrapped by a clear plastic to protect the handmade designs and make the card always new. One bonus point for this product is the well design envelopes.

2.Burgoyne 30 Elegant Hand Crafted Christmas Cards with Matching Self-Seal Envelopes

02-Burgoyne 30 Elegant Hand
Those cards are exactly like the name of them. They look so elegant; beautiful that everyone sees them the first time must love them. As they are differently designed so you can send to everyone in your list.

3.Paper Magic All Occasion Handmade and Embellished Greeting Card Assortment in Keepsake Organizer Box, 25 Cards (2333109)

03-Paper Magic All
There are 25 cards with different styles and captions. Each card is for an important occasion in a year like Christmas, birthday, wedding,…The box is very cute and it can used to store the cards that you have not used for example if this year you don’t have a wedding party you can use it for later, the cards are very cute and hardly – out – of – date

4.Handmade Sustainable Real WOOD Card! LOVE YOU Tender Kiss Hearts Anniversary Card / Christmas Card

04-Handmade Sustainable
This is really a unique product. The front outside is designed with many hearts in different size and the word “love you”. It is a suitable gift for anyone you want to give: parents, lover, friends…One more special point of this card is being made by wood. Inside is a big red heart made from others small red hearts with the white background. The design of this card is simple but it looks extremely elegant and luxury.

5.60 Handmade holiday gift tags

05-60 Handmade holiday gift tags
Those gift tags make your wrapping become special, help you express your idea directly. They are featured from Disney and peanuts characters. That is so cool, right?

6.Handmade Wooden Sustainable LOVE YOU Many Hearts Anniversary Card. Real Wood Card! Unique! Great Gift Idea for 5 th (fifth) Anniversary or Christmas!

06-Handmade Wooden Sustainable
This is absolutely the best card that you have ever seen. It is made from wood. The front outside is graved many heart and in each heart is “love” in different color on the white background. That makes the card look so beautiful. Inside is a red big heart made from small red hearts with the red word “love you” under. It looks so elegant.

7.Papercraft Pop-Up 3D Greeting Cards Bon Voyage

07-Papercraft Pop-Up 3D
At first when you see it, you may find nothing special. But when you open it you will be absolutely surprised to see a 3D red voyage inside. The 3D voyage is carefully made. It is really hard to make such beautiful voyage. This product is really a wonderful handmade gift as it requires a long time and a lot of patience to make. How lucky the person receives this gift!
Christmas is nearly reached; quickly buy a product from our collection for the best and beautiful handmade Christmas cards. If you want to show that your love; what you are waiting for, just purchase our cards for people you love and write that you love them. That is warm enough for a cold Christmas season.

Best Handmade Christmas Ornaments

10 Best Handmade Christmas Ornaments

10 Best Handmade Christmas Ornaments

The Christmas season, with its special meaning and beauty, has been the season of spreading good cheer, of spending time with your family and of sharing, caring and giving. Make sure that you take time out from your busy work schedules in order to have a meaningful Christmas at home. The best way to create great memories is trying to include the whole family in different Christmas activities like festival related cooking, wrapping up gifts and especially decorating the house and the tree. To give your Christmas tree a beautiful look with clever decorating ideas, you need to pick up some eye-catching Christmas ornaments. You should be willing to purchase high quality ones since they can be reuse for many years later.
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Best And Awesome Handmade Bracelets For Women

Best Handmade Bracelets For Women

Best Handmade Bracelets For Women

Women always appreciate the power of good accessories. And bracelets are, of course, one of their best friends. These pieces of accessories should always been a must-have item to each and every women.
A bracelet may be small but never underestimate what it can do. Bracelets are capable of saying a lot about your style and complementing every outfit of yours from the casual clothes to the party dresses. Together with other pieces of jewelry such as earrings, necklaces and rings, bracelets can add up to your desire look.
So, there is no reason for hesitating to put on the ones that suit your taste and help you feel trendy and confident.
Here is our collection of Best and awesome handmade bracelets for women, which can gives you amazing suggestions for your choice.

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Best Handmade Bracelets For Men

Best And Cool Handmade Bracelets For Men

Best and cool handmade bracelets for men
We all know fashion is the most favorite thing of women. They can talk about it all day, watch fashion shows on TV for hours and go shopping without feeling tired. These days, fashion is no longer for women only. The market for men fashion is getting bigger every single day with different stuff: clothes, shoes, glasses, watches and other accessories. Everyone has their own fashion styles but it can get boring if you wear the same looks every day. The best solution for you is accessories. This is for sure a good investment since they are pretty cheap compared to clothes and can be easily mixed and matched with different items in your wardrobe. One of the most popular accessories for men is bracelet. This small stuff can completely change your image without having to change your clothing style. All you have to do is adding some cool bracelets and you’re good to go.

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Bracelets are worth buying right? However, going shopping is not an easy task for most of men out there. How about checking out our list of the Best and cool handmade bracelets for men to save time and have a fully image about this terrific accessory?

1. Sterling Silver Dolphin Cuff Bracelet Handmade 7.25 inch

01-Sterling Silver Dolphin Cuff Bracelet Handmade 7
Being hand-made by true experienced artisans with an excellent brushed Satin finish, this sterling silver cuff bracelet makes a good impression on you for the first time. It has a very cute dolphin curved, which is Native American Indian (Hopi Tribe) inspired design.

Best and stylish men’s handmade shoes

Best and stylish men’s handmade shoes
A man’s shoes are the most important items in his wardrobe. A man should care about his footwear if for no other reason than the fact that it constitutes the very foundation he stands upon. A poor choice here can lead to not only discomfort but injury one step at a time. Moreover, despite covering only 5% of your body they can make-up more than 30% of the visual judgement we make when sizing up a stranger.
However, a pair of handmade shoes goes beyond mere items of apparel. They are the creation of a master craftsman, expressing the social standing of the wearer while simultaneously providing the delicate structure of the feet with optimum protection from the stress and strain of everyday life. Handmade shoes are also a work of art in leather, designed for the distinctive feet and the individual taste of the fashion-conscious gentleman.

This Best and stylish men’s handmade shoes collection is for those with a sense of both fashion and tradition, for those who love shoes. 

Be amazed with the top collections of authentic Italian made leather loafers, elegant lace-up oxfords from the hottest brands. Let’s get spoiled with one of the most exciting footwear collections available online today and pick your perfect companions for your casual business look or evening dress attire. Ideally you want to choose footwear that is both functional and stylish–by following these footwear selection principles this goal can be easily achieved.