Best And Awesome Handmade Bracelets For Women

Best Handmade Bracelets For Women

Best Handmade Bracelets For Women

Women always appreciate the power of good accessories. And bracelets are, of course, one of their best friends. These pieces of accessories should always been a must-have item to each and every women.
A bracelet may be small but never underestimate what it can do. Bracelets are capable of saying a lot about your style and complementing every outfit of yours from the casual clothes to the party dresses. Together with other pieces of jewelry such as earrings, necklaces and rings, bracelets can add up to your desire look.
So, there is no reason for hesitating to put on the ones that suit your taste and help you feel trendy and confident.
Here is our collection of Best and awesome handmade bracelets for women, which can gives you amazing suggestions for your choice.

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1.Twinkle Handmade Fashion Charms Friendship Gift – Braid Personalized Suede Leather Bracelet

01-Twinkle Handmade Fashion
These bracelets can be the greatest gift ever to express friendship. Each set of bracelets consists of 4 beautiful handcrafted pieces. You can keep one for yourself and give others to your beloved friends. It is so cute to have all your BFF wear lovely matching bracelets together!

2.The Great Gatsby Handmade Pearls Crystals Vintage 1920s Halloween Bracelet

02-The Great Gatsby Handmade Pearls Crystals Vintage 1920s Halloween Bracelet
If you are a big fan of The Great Gatsby, then this item is what you will not want to miss. Made from crystal and manmade pearls, it will add up to your elegant and vintage look.

3.Handmade Vintage Harry Potter Bracelet Golden Snitch Bracelet Deathly Hallows Bracelet Owls Bracelet Black Leather Braid and Rope Bangle Gift to Harry Potter Fans

03-Handmade Vintage Harry
Good news for Harry Porter fans: We have the wonderful piece of accessories especially made for you. It has everything you would like to have on your bracelets from the deathly hallows to the owls. How lovely it is!

4.Handmade Tree of Life Cuff Bracelet w/ Peridot, Brass, Cotton Wax, Jewelry For Women, Girls, & Men

04-Handmade Tree of
This bracelet features the meaningful symbol of tree of life and it does look like a carefully crafted piece of accessories. You can have it for yourself or give it as a gift to your friends.

5.MGD, Colorful Dyed Shell Chip Anklet. Beautiful 26 Centimeters Handmade Stone Anklet Made from wax cord. Fashion Jewelry for Women, Teens and Girls., JB-0131A

05-MGD, Colorful Dyed Shell
A colorful shell anklet, not silver or a gold one, can be a really great idea. This piece of accessories is especially made to create a lovely and feminine look. It is a pretty and fresh splash of colors that would look great on you.

6.Sterling silver cuff bracelet, ‘Sweet Jasmine’ – Handmade Floral Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet from Thailand

06-Sterling silver cuff bracelet
The floral design of this bracelet is extremely unique and you won’t be disappointed when you look at it and see how detailed the design is. This bracelet is made from silver which is of high quality and it is not too heavy for you to wear as well.

7.Tibetan 5mm Elastic String Happy Buddha Prayer Beads Necklace Wrap Bracelet

07-Tibetan 5mm Elastic String Happy
This item is beautifully handcrafted in Nepal. It can be used as the prayer beads or you can turn it into a bracelet if you want. Along with the beads, it also features a silver Buddha.

8.Faceted Onyx Cluster Beauty Handmade Bracelet

08-Faceted Onyx Cluster Beauty Handmade Bracelet
This pretty bracelet is carefully handmade in Thailand from pearls and onyx. It is black and white and really shiny. If you want a piece of accessories that has a sophisticated look, this item is definitely what you are looking for.

9.8″ Wide Braided Design Brown Punk Rock Biker Leather Bracelet Bangle Bracelet Cuff Wristband for Men Women Boys Girls Unisex – Adjustable (LSB001)

09-Wide Braided Design
It is by all means the item for you if you want a simple but strong look. This bracelet is handmade from good quality leather, so you do not have to worry about its quality.

10.Healthtop Handmade Infinity Hope Brown Leather Rope Wrap Bracelet Fashion Jewelry Christmas Gifts

10-Healthtop Handmade
This simple bracelet is made from leather rope and alloy. It features the symbol of infinity and the word hope. Therefore, this item can be a meaningful and encouraging gift from you to your beloved ones.

11.Handmade Stone Flower Bracelet, Adjustable Length, Fair Trade – Turquoise, Red or White

11-Handmade Stone Flower Bracelet
This bracelet is absolutely bright and lovely. It can capture the attention of others every time you put it on. It is also available in many pretty colors for you to choose.

12.Handmade Tibetan Elastic String 8.5mm Matte Wood 108 Prayer Beads Wrap Bracelet Mala with Buddhist Charms

12-Handmade Tibetan Elastic
You can use this item as either as prayer beads or a wrap bracelet. Besides the beads made from wood, it has some unique details that you can choose from such as the Round Tree of Life, the Om Symbol or the Eternity Knot.

13.Handmade Bracelet, Tibetan Buddhist, White, Mala, Buddha, Meditation Bracelet (S5168)

13-Handmade Bracelet
This bracelet is carefully handcrafted in Thailand. The color white is extremely beautiful. This one is by all means a perfect meditation bracelet. If you simply love the design of this bracelet, you can also wear it as a unique piece of accessories.

14.Sea Turtle Charm Pendant on Handmade Leather Infinity Bracelet

14-Sea Turtle Charm Pendant
This is the perfect choice for anyone looking for something that is fun and colorful. This bracelet is made from genuine leather and looks extremely pretty. You can put it on every single day and feel lovely.

15.American Quilt – Sergio Lub Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet – Handmade in USA!

15-American Quilt
Stunning is what can be said about this bracelet. It has different tones of metal colors combined together, which results in a unique and sophisticated look. You will love it once you see it. Not to mention that it is also of high quality. If you choose this one as a gift to your friends, they won’t be disappointed.

16.Handmade Natural Agate & Onyx Stone & Crystal Glass Beaded Wrap Bracelet, Jewelry For Women & Girls

16-Handmade Natural Agate
Made from natural black stone and crystal glass, this bracelet is capable of adding up to your sophisticated and elegant look.

17.Gothic Style Black Handmade Lace Rose Beads Vampire Bracelet with Ring Set

17-Gothic Style Black Handmade
If you are a Gothic style enthusiast, this is the item especially for you. The bracelet also comes with a ring set for you to have a complete Gothic look. It is a great piece of accessories for custom parties. Moreover, you can as well match it with your dress in other special occasions.
Above are our 17 stunning bracelets in the collection of Best and awesome handmade bracelets. Bracelets can be really good friends of women. You can have them with you all the time. They can make your daily outfit or even fancy dresses look much better. So, why don’t you just pick the ones that suit your style and feel a lot more confident with your look?