Best And Beautiful Handmade Christmas Cards

Best And Beautiful Handmade Christmas Cards

Best And Beautiful Handmade Christmas Cards
Christmas is the last time in a year that you can express your feelings to the people you love. But many Christmas times ago you maybe feel so bored with normal Christmas gift, and this time you want to give them special Christmas gifts to make them surprise. Understanding your desire, we would like to introduce you a very special type Christmas gift: Best and beautiful Handmade Christmas card.
Everyone loves handmade gifts. They do not be produced in large by machine so that everyone can buy; they are made carefully by hands of handicraftsman just few people can have that gifts. Or even in some cases, the receivers may think that you made those beautiful handmade cards, they even love those cards more. In those cards you can write everything to express your love that you never have a chance to say or you are too shy to say.

1.24 Handmade Christmas Cards with Coordinating Envelopes

01-24 Handmade Christmas Cards with Coordinating Envelopes
There are 24 handmade Christmas cards inside the box with 24 different designs. All the design is creative, unique and beautiful. Multi dimension 3D effects make the cards become more wonderful. Each was wrapped by a clear plastic to protect the handmade designs and make the card always new. One bonus point for this product is the well design envelopes.

2.Burgoyne 30 Elegant Hand Crafted Christmas Cards with Matching Self-Seal Envelopes

02-Burgoyne 30 Elegant Hand
Those cards are exactly like the name of them. They look so elegant; beautiful that everyone sees them the first time must love them. As they are differently designed so you can send to everyone in your list.

3.Paper Magic All Occasion Handmade and Embellished Greeting Card Assortment in Keepsake Organizer Box, 25 Cards (2333109)

03-Paper Magic All
There are 25 cards with different styles and captions. Each card is for an important occasion in a year like Christmas, birthday, wedding,…The box is very cute and it can used to store the cards that you have not used for example if this year you don’t have a wedding party you can use it for later, the cards are very cute and hardly – out – of – date

4.Handmade Sustainable Real WOOD Card! LOVE YOU Tender Kiss Hearts Anniversary Card / Christmas Card

04-Handmade Sustainable
This is really a unique product. The front outside is designed with many hearts in different size and the word “love you”. It is a suitable gift for anyone you want to give: parents, lover, friends…One more special point of this card is being made by wood. Inside is a big red heart made from others small red hearts with the white background. The design of this card is simple but it looks extremely elegant and luxury.

5.60 Handmade holiday gift tags

05-60 Handmade holiday gift tags
Those gift tags make your wrapping become special, help you express your idea directly. They are featured from Disney and peanuts characters. That is so cool, right?

6.Handmade Wooden Sustainable LOVE YOU Many Hearts Anniversary Card. Real Wood Card! Unique! Great Gift Idea for 5 th (fifth) Anniversary or Christmas!

06-Handmade Wooden Sustainable
This is absolutely the best card that you have ever seen. It is made from wood. The front outside is graved many heart and in each heart is “love” in different color on the white background. That makes the card look so beautiful. Inside is a red big heart made from small red hearts with the red word “love you” under. It looks so elegant.

7.Papercraft Pop-Up 3D Greeting Cards Bon Voyage

07-Papercraft Pop-Up 3D
At first when you see it, you may find nothing special. But when you open it you will be absolutely surprised to see a 3D red voyage inside. The 3D voyage is carefully made. It is really hard to make such beautiful voyage. This product is really a wonderful handmade gift as it requires a long time and a lot of patience to make. How lucky the person receives this gift!
Christmas is nearly reached; quickly buy a product from our collection for the best and beautiful handmade Christmas cards. If you want to show that your love; what you are waiting for, just purchase our cards for people you love and write that you love them. That is warm enough for a cold Christmas season.