Making stamped alphabet pillows from towels

Making handmade pillow is very easy and has a lot of people make them. However, you seem to just make plain pillows, or decorated with fabric flowers. Here are some simple steps for you to make a cute pillow to give your parents.

To make a pillow you need to prepare:

– Towels
– Scissors
– Needle and clew
– Printed letters

-Step 1:

First, cut off a part of the towel to lose border and then overlap it on the other.

-Step 2

Then use needles, sew closely to the border you’ve just cut, you can sew the lock or buttons on this. Next, you stitch up two the other end of the scarf together.

-Step 3

After the stitching is done, you have to overturn the pillowcase

-Step 4

Next, put the letters on the surface of the pillow.

Then iron the letters so that they can stick to the face of pillow.

-Step 5

After ironing, you peel off the plastic parts on the letters from the pillowcase. And now just stuff cottons and you have completed your lovely pillow.

Finished Product

Make stamped alphabet pillow is very simple and fun. Just a towel and a little dexterity without sewing machine, you can make a unique handmade pillow impressively. With this, you can use a variety of towels with different colors to make a pillow beautifully.

You can do this pillow for your beloved. Certainly, your parents or boyfriend will be very happy to receive the pillow with the words “I LOVE YOU from you.