Guides make paper flowers Narcissus

Are you looking for an idea to make paper flowers? So try to make narcissus, which bring luck. Certainly, the following steps will help you make narcissus to decorate your house.
Narcissus is a symbol of exquisite and brings luck to you. They have smooth leaves and beautiful white flowers. So to have a narcissus vase in the house, you can learn how to make paper narcissus as below.


– 1 small steel wire with 20-25 cm long
– Two A4 crepe paper with white and green
– Plier, scissors, glue
– 2 pieces of square crepe paper with orange or red color


-Step 1

First, you need to handle the details of the flower pattern. Print and cut out the details of the flower like the following patterns. You can save and print the patterns of flowers according to the desired size.

-Step 2

Cut out leaves and petals on crepe paper. To make the pistil, paste the two sides of the square together to form a circle. Use your thumb and index finger to slightly fold the edges of pistil to form wavy lines. Gently curl the petals with scissors and just slightly bent. Because crepe paper has a good elasticity, use your hand to pull the two sides to create flexure of the petals. Then tie a small wire around the base of the pistil and straighten the wire down. Start paste petals around the pistil.

-Step 3

Continue pasting the petals until it close the pistil. Expand the pistil by rotating the index finger inside. Attach the small wire to the end of the flowers, add glue to securely fix. Then you cut a piece of green crepe paper that has approximately 5-7 cm long and wrap around the wire. If you want to add the leaves, just paste it into the desired places and continue to roll the crepe paper around the body. After that, cut off all the excess paper and glue. To add color to the pistil, you roll up the piece of orange or red paper, dip it in water and put on the pistil. It will work like watercolor.

Finished product make paper flowers Narcissus

Just a little meticulousness, you will have a lovely vase of narcissus. As noted above, the narcissus flower symbolizes luck, so you can leave them at the desk with the desire to bring good luck all year for your work, or leave them on the coffee table to decorate your house.
Because it is made from paper, the narcissus flower is also very easy to “care”, you only need to use a small fan to blow the dust on of the flower and you will have a beautiful narcissus vase.

By: Handmade Beautiful